Working remotely- is it a good option?
Sylwia Skiba
Sylwia has been working in recruitment since 2015. She is the most effective in sourcing and head hunting candidates and international projects.
Working remotely- is it a good option?

Working remotely comes with significant advantages and disadvantages. And what works for one team or one individual won’t necessarily work for the next. But as technology continues to advance and the globe only grows more connected, it’s clear that remote working is playing a crucial role in business, especially in IT world where it becomes more and more popular.

There are many pros but I want to focus on the most important from my perspective which is saving the time and working from anywhere. Don’t forget- pros can always turn to cons, it depends on you and your perspective.

You can save at least 2 hours a day which you need to spend on commute. You can save the money spent on transportation. What’s more commuting is a major source of stress in today’s society. Researchers have found that the longer you commute, the more likely you are to be stressed out. From the other hand- travelling to office every day on bicycle can also make you healthier, anyway on bicycle you can also have some accident and even die- it depends on circumstances.

All you need is computer, a good internet connection and a coffee to work, you can choose a place to work for you wherever you want! It all depends only on where you will feel most comfortable. It is also a great option for those who love to travel often or would like to live in another country – you do not need to take a holiday or resign from your current job if you like it. It also works the other way – if you want to work in an interesting foreign company without the need to relocate, you can easily accept the offer and stay in your country.

When it comes to cons of working remotely. I believe that the biggest one is distraction. Working remotely comes with its own set of distractions, which depend on each worker’s circumstances. Anyway, in the office there can be a lot of distractions as well for example people, coffee and cigarettes or a new Xbox in a chill-out area.

One important aspect is to keep living contact with people and socialize. It actually depends what type of personality you are and what type of work environment suits you best. Anyway it is always something to figure out. You can still have some co-working space and use it whenever you feel lonely at home-office.

As you see, there are many aspects of working remotely. Some of them seem to have a negative impact, some of them a positive one, sometimes it is really hard to say. It depends on many things and on people actually. The best option is to try all solutions by yourself and then have some personal opinion and own position in the discussion.

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