First step. Small change. Big difference.
Iwona Wawrzyniak
With 10 years’ experience in HR, Iwona provides daily partnership to business clients and candidates. She recruits for management and specialist positions, advises on soft HR solutions, career development and delivers trainings.
First step. Small change. Big difference.

It is nothing new how difficult it is to take the first step towards change, and even more difficult to implement the change consistently to the end. What actually defines the end? What is the purpose of change?

It’s good to ask yourself a straightforward question before the first sweat and the first frustration come. So let’s start with WHY, WHY, WHY…

Such a conclusion comes to my mind after more than 20 sessions conducted within the last month as part of a free campaign dedicated to all those who need support, professional career counseling or ad hoc conversation in this crazy time caused by COVID-19.

But from the beginning:

I had the opportunity to have many interesting conversations about professional career plans including doubts and limitations that job seekers face on a daily basis. For some, it is a completely new experience, possibility to learn how to navigate the changing labour market. For many, it is a time to open up to previously unknown communication tools. Above all, however, it is a good time for dialogue with oneself, confrontation with one’s own beliefs, which often hold us back from creative activity.

There is a simple recipe I like to share with you:

– Start with a professional goal and a review of your own competences

– Think about the skills you need to refresh, acquire or just to use at once

– Create plan A and plan B

– Customize your resume – communicate briefly and clearly what you are looking for and what you will be the best at, identify and name it

– Focus on one path of action at a time – this will put your thoughts in order, bring peace and finally increase your self-confidence

– Let others find you – create a profile on a professional network portal

– Do something you would not normally do because of the habits/convictions that have been holding you back so far

– Ask for the feedback you deserve

– Play a scene with a “competent judge” – your husband or a neighbor:)

Thank you for your trust and openness. Let’s then take the first step to even a small change that will make a big difference.



Posted on 7 May 2020 in blog category
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