Do you feel comfortable speaking about your failures? 34th FuckUp Night impressions…
Beata Stramska
Beata manages the Company’s daily business and is in charge of most of Customers’ relations.
Do you feel comfortable speaking about your failures? 34th FuckUp Night impressions…

Last Friday I was pleased to be one of the speakers during the 34th “FuckUp Night Trójmiasto”.
This was the first time, when I took part in such an event and I must admit that at the beginning
I was bit scared if I would be able to talk so openly about my failures.

First of all, I was very impressed with the fact that so many people decided to spend this hot sunny Friday evening participating in the event. There were supposed to be 4 speakers including me, however one of them did not arrive.

The first one was Oskar Groth who told us, why you should  dare to build your own business, what opportunities you have in front of you, but also how your life might change, when you become the entrepreneur.

The next speaker was Wojciech Giżowski from Biolumo, who told us about his failures with the agreements and conflicts inside the startups he had to deal with.

I was the last one of the speakers and started from telling the story about NørdHR and all the way that led me up to the current point in my life. I shared the advices I could give to the people who think about starting their own business as well as the tips how to deal with the Nordic Clients. Sylwia who was at the event together we with me added also her part about the funny situations in the recruitment. The audience seemed to be very interested in our topic what made me very proud of NørdHR!

After my speech, few people asked questions and some of them stayed after the event to talk to me individually, which was really nice. I was more than glad to share my knowledge, experience and to give them some tips about how to deal with the failures and how to avoid them in the business.

Before the FuckUp Night I have not been thinking a lot about the failures I have made and have not been focused so much on thinking if it taught me something. Was it worth going this way or maybe I should have tried to live more stable and organized life? Thanks to this evening, I have spent few hours on thinking on it.

Are you curios about my feedback? 

The failure is an integral part of the success. I can admit that I would not have been at this point of my career if
I have not made the mistakes I have done. However, the most important part of making mistakes is looking back at them and learn. You need to be humble and disciplined and always work harder to reach the goal you have set. In my opinion only doing things you love, not things that you must, gives you a chance to build something true and beautiful. People will follow you if you talk openly about your mistakes. My message to the people who think about starting to their own business is – do not be afraid, be brave and take all your chances. Success comes to those who have the mindset to embrace the chance.



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