Why choosing a HR agency is a good idea
Sylwia Skiba
Sylwia has been working in recruitment since 2015. She is the most effective in sourcing and head hunting candidates and international projects.
Why choosing a HR agency is a good idea

Dear Job seekers!

I would like to convince you a little bit why choosing a HR agency is a good idea.

Job search may be a  very time-consuming, and  frustrating task. Suppose you are looking for the first job, want to return to professional activity after a longer break or have decided to change the career. In this case you must face the constantly changing trends in the labour market and be able to choose the most attractive offer.

I am an experienced Recruitment Manager, having worked both in internal HR departments and HR agencies. You can rely on that experience. and I truly recommend you to choose a  HR agency when some serious job hunting is next to you.


First of all, what is a HR agency?


A HR agency is an entity that professionally searches for and recruits new employees for companies that use its services. HR agency also advises you about your career path and best opportunities dedicated to you. Many modern enterprises do not want to waste time searching for and recruiting new employees. Instead, they  prefer to outsource this task to professionals.

Therefore, an employment agency prepares employment offers on behalf of its clients, publishes them on advertising portals, in the press and other media. It’s duties also include the selection of all applications submitted by people interested in a specific job offer and the entire recruitment process. On the other hand these activities result in  the final selection of a candidate who best meets the requirements of working in a specific position.


A good HR agency means possibility to talk with an experienced recruiter who knows the job market, various companies’ profiles and industries very well. It is good to have some recommendation from other job seekers about the agency you would like to visit.


HR agencies in the recruitment process also use professional competence tests, which are aimed at selecting candidates with appropriate knowledge and practical skills. Taking part in them is also beneficial for the candidate himself, because it allows him to better assess his competences and find out which areas require more practice.  Awareness of your strengths and weaknesses is also helpful in searching for the perfect job.


While using the services of the HR agency, you can be sure about the reliability of the applied recruitment strategy, certainly the job offers available in the agency will be adjusted to your experience and individual career predispositions. The employment agency has various offers from many clients. By submitting your profile to one of them, you have the opportunity to take part in recruitment procedures of several companies. Thus, you increase your chances of finding a job that perfectly matches your qualifications and requirements.

You can be also in constant contact with your agency and get feedback on  the recruitment process.

A recruiter can become your professional advisor and even a friend for years!


All the best-

Sylwia Skiba

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