Women in IT
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Women in IT

In everyday work where we are looking for programmers on a large scale and we meet with a minority of women in this industry. Visibly, the IT market is still dominated by men who, according to Eurostat data, accounted for about 84% of its employees last year (in Poland this percentage exceeds 86%).*


Situations on the IT labor market are also presented in the HAYS report:
According to the survey, ladies in the IT industry work in every sector of the economy, however, the most of them, 63% in IT and Telecommunications area, 11.5% in Marketing, 3.9% in Banking and Investments and 3.2% in Financial Services. As far as the size of enterprises employing women is concerned, the largest number of women work in companies with more than 1,500 employees (22%), in organizations employing up to 20 people (16%) and up to 50 people (13%), up to 250 people (13%), up to 100 people (9%) and less than 5 people (nearly 9%). In enterprises employing up to 500 people- 8% of respondents.


Other interesting data from the report:
32% of respondents work exclusively with men. Work in gender-diverse teams dominates.
68% of women had previously worked outside the IT industry. 32% of respondents from the beginning associated their professional career with the IT sector.
Over half of the ladies (55%) do not have certificates related to their professional work.
46% of respondents indicated that women in the IT industry are “a little harder to make a career than men”, almost 22% decided that it is much harder for them than for men.
The vast majority of respondents recommend working in IT – 75% **


Why are women still afraid to work in new technologies? Other sources also show the reasons for this phenomenon:
1. the lack of visible patterns of strong women
2. pop culture and stereotypes about the mental weakness of women
3. sexism- programming as a typically male profession
4. women are not self confident ***


Let’s hope that the situation on the IT labor market will be evened out because the sexually diverse teams are more productive, work better and faster, have fewer conflicts.
We can quote here one of the strong women- Sheryl Sanberg – “Give us a world where half our homes are run by men, and half our institutions are run by women. I’m pretty sure that would be a better world.”****


And what is your opinion about the situation of women in the IT sector? we invite you to discussion in the comments below.










* http: //it-leaders.com.pl/pl/kobiety-branzy-it/#ftn1
** The “Women in IT” report 2016 Hays Poland and the Geek Girls Carrots
*** http: //hakierka.pl/2016/08/08/4-powody-dla-ktorych-nie-ma-kobiet-w-it/
**** American businesswoman, former Google vice president, former head of the United States Department of Treasury staff, from 2008 the Facebook Chief of Operations.

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