Traballo – new innovative, tailor-made recruitment tool to optimize your processes!
Bartosz Hojnacki
Bartosz is a psychologist with 5 years of experience in HR both as Recruiter (particularly in IT recruitment) and Business.
Traballo – new innovative, tailor-made recruitment tool to optimize your processes!

Dear Business Partners!

Do full calendars, dynamic changes and recruitment vacancies sound familiar to you?

Nowadays many of us rush from one appointment to another, focusing on completing our daily core business tasks so intensively that it might be hard to i.e. participate directly in the interview with the proposed candidate.

Being totally aware of that, we developed and implemented whole new tool that will enable you to:

– optimize and standardize recruitment processes

– carry them out with respect to yours and candidate’s time availability

– increase accuracy of profiles invited to Face2Face interviews in crucial stages

– reduce the time effort required to fill a vacancy

Sounds amazing enough?

Traballo is video interview platform that allows you to record your own questions regarding candidates’ motivation, experience and other stuff you find relevant in the initial stages of the recruitment process. Thanks to that you will reduce:

– numbers of interviews – as you don’t have to participate in them in real-time,

– time spent on the interview – as you will only have to clarify/ get in-depth information based on candidate’s video answers

Moreover – we all know that timing in recruitment is crucial and sometimes couple days of hesitation might take effect in losing valuable candidate – thanks to Traballo you might engage more candidates with minimum time effort – just by sending them a link to the platform!

Nice! Is there anything else?

Traballo enables you to actually SEE your Candidate because he/she is recording responses as well. It is a very comfortable solution, mainly because it might take place anywhere and at any time that the candidate finds suitable. To increase the comfort even more – both you and candidate are able to watch and, if needed, re-record the video before uploading it to the server.

We will be more than happy to discuss in details how we can both utilize Traballo to enhance recruitment process effectiveness within your company!


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