Digital Marketing Associate- Gdańsk
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Digital Marketing Associate- Gdańsk

As a Digital Marketing Associate, your role involves crafting and implementing robust digital marketing strategies, emphasizing brand visibility, sales growth, and effective customer acquisition specifically on Amazon. Working collaboratively and utilizing data-driven insights, you’ll work within cross-functional teams and campaigns to achieve business goals. Ideal candidates bring expertise in Amazon and ecommerce marketing, coupled with strong analytical skills and a proven history of driving ecommerce growth.


Responsibilities are divided into areas below:

  1. Amazon and Ecommerce Marketing:

– Marketing strategy development and execution.

– Market research, competitor analysis, and consumer behavior analysis.

– Collaboration with internal teams for product listings and brand enhancement.


  1. Product Listing Optimization:

– Keyword research and SEO best practices implementation.

– Optimization of product titles, descriptions, and content elements.

– Monitoring and responding to customer reviews for satisfaction.


  1. Ecommerce Advertising Campaigns:

– Planning, execution, and optimization of advertising campaigns.

– Management of sponsored product campaigns and display advertising.

– Monitoring campaign performance and optimizing strategies for ROAS.


  1. Ecommerce Growth Strategies:

– Identification of expansion opportunities and growth strategies.

– Execution of plans to increase sales and market share.

– Exploration of new channels, partnerships, and advertising opportunities.


  1. Performance Metrics Analysis:

– Utilization of analytics tools for KPI monitoring.

– Generation of reports and insights for strategy optimization.

– A/B testing and data-driven insights for continuous improvement.


  1. Ecommerce Trends and Best Practices:

– Stay updated on industry trends and platform changes.

– Continuous research on features, tools, and technologies.

– Knowledge sharing for innovation and optimization.


  1. Digital Order Management:

– Collaboration for accurate and timely order processing.

– Monitoring order statuses and issue resolution.

– Maintenance of accurate order records and compliance.



– Proficiency in English for effective communication.

– Bachelor’s degree in marketing, business, or a related field (preferable).

– Proven work experience as a digital marketing manager, specifically focused on Amazon.

– Strong knowledge of Amazon Vendor & Seller Central, Amazon Advertising, and other ecommerce platforms.

– Experience in managing successful ecommerce advertising campaigns.

– Solid understanding of SEO principles and best practices.

– Strong written and verbal communication skills.

– Knowledge of marketplace platforms eBay & Shopify (preferable).

– Proficiency in analyzing Amazon & marketplace data.

– Excellent analytical and problem-solving skills.

– Detail-oriented with strong organizational and project management skills.


What we offer:

  • Long term contract of employment with bunch of corporate benefits including Mulit sport and Medicover.
  • Hybrid mode, flexible working hours.
  • Modern end comfortable office space located in Gdansk Oliwa