Nørd HR values and mission
Monika Piasecka
Monika has over 6 years’ experience in handling various recruitment projects mainly within SSC/BPO scope. For most of her recruitment career she has been working in the Scandinavian working environment and according to Nordic values.
Nørd HR values and mission

In this blog we want to bring our company – Nørd HR closer to you. We don’t treat our company only as a place of work. Nørd HR means for us values and mission, which stand behind this name. We believe company’s culture based on positive standards is crucial in building strong and passionate team.

That is why we decided to explain you what these values are for us.

First of all, you need to know that we aim to work every day by showing Nordic attitude in doing business. This means for us: trust, taking full responsibility for our work and decisions, open communication, transparency, constant development of our competences and services and informal atmosphere.

Our core values are:

  1. Trust / responsibility
  2. Competence / creativity
  3. Service excellence / individual approach / open communication
  4. Development / friendship

We truly care for both Client and candidate. Our goal is to provide HR solutions tailored to the Client’s needs and help candidates in making right decisions regarding a job change.

We seriously treat all people who entrust us their professional fate and expect from us competence and services at the highest level. We value their time and treat them with respect.

Our goal is to create cooperation with Clients and Candidates based on a long-term and true partnership.

Our mission is the continuous development of our company and ourselves, there are always areas where we can improve, and we are open to new ideas and directions. We aim to transform visions into actions.

We are continuously developing in the areas of:

  1. HR
  • Recruitment – we start cooperation with new Clients to whom we provide recruitment services at the highest level. We establish relationships and support candidates in the recruitment process.
  • Training – we are developing a team of trainers to provide training services to our Clients.
  • Consultation – we are open to provide career counseling to people seeking employment.
  1. Territorial – we are opening new branches in strategic cities of Poland and Europe.
  2. Team – we grow in strength, we employ new people matching the company’s culture, and we also focus on diversity, as we believe that diverse teams are more creative.
  3. Competences and passions. We develop competences, everyone has the opportunity to develop their passions in the company as long as these passions serve the development of the organization. Additionally, we are constantly increasing the scope of competences by participating in external training.

We hope that by reading this blog you had a chance to know us better, and Nørd HR will not only be for you another recruitment agency but a company that represents values and evokes positive emotions.

Posted on 16 December 2019 in blog category
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