How to stay motivated?
Monika Piasecka
Monika has over 6 years’ experience in handling various recruitment projects mainly within SSC/BPO scope. For most of her recruitment career she has been working in the Scandinavian working environment and according to Nordic values.
How to stay motivated?

Motivation is the feeling that all of us wish to have and there are times when we feel it intensely and other moments when we lose it.

There are lots of articles on this topic and different suggestions how to stay motivated.

I also decided to write about it in our blog. After making some research, I have chosen some recommendations how to stay motivated in achieving goals.

First of all to find motivation in life you need to set the goals and think about the reasons why you want to achieve these goals. Consider what achieving them gives you? Divide them into long and short term goals, whether they are connected with the work, hobby or health.

It is believed that keeping up with short term goals, that are more task-oriented, can be more effective and we are more prone to reach the goal. Somehow long term goals make us less concentrated and we get lazy during the process.

Another vital tip is setting deadline for those tasks as well as preparing plan B in case unexpected situations appear on the way.

These methods help us to think about even the hardest task as more manageable.

It is worth mentioning that many life coaches explain that money alone shouldn’t be your main goal. By looking at the examples of people, who concentrated solely on money factor, we notice that in the long term this aim was not effective and did not bring internal satisfaction. If the job you are doing gives you money, but it is in the opposition to your values and opinions then your motivation is getting weaker and weaker. Therefore, your goals should be connected with your inner self and values.

According to literature, it’s essential to visualize the end result and the feelings you would have when you achieved your final goal. Involving emotions in the visualization make us stronger and persistent in days when we lose energy to attain the goals.

Another good motivational tip is to surround yourself with people with positive energy. I’m sure we all already noticed that people that we work and keep close contact with impact our own emotions and attitude. That is why energetic people make a positive influence on us and inspire us to stay motivated ourselves.

We all should also realize and accept that there will be situations in our life that we cannot control and don’t have much influence on. Definitely these periods can discourage and make our motivation disappear. Thus, we should accept that life brings moments that we can’t control and we shouldn’t waste our energy on focusing on problems and worries but rather stay focused on things that we can govern. It is not an easy task, but realization of this definitely helps.

In moments of a lower mood and tiredness it is advised to remind yourself about the reasons why you set the goal. Spend some time with yourself only and reflect why you chose your path in the first place. Those reflecting moments are essential in staying on tract with your motives.

There are definitely, other recommendations on staying motivated, I have just chosen few of them.

What I want to stress, in summary, is that I believe all of us are able to find motivation in life. Vital here is self-awareness and choosing right motivational factors for you. As well as we need to accept that there will be harder moments, but consistency and self-reminder will keep us moving.

Posted on 27 January 2020 in blog category
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