Flexible working hours
Sylwia Skiba
Sylwia has been working in recruitment since 2015. She is the most effective in sourcing and head hunting candidates and international projects.
Flexible working hours

Flexible working hours, in the opinion of the majority, a great solution that has many benefits.

The most important benefits are:
Commitment and efficiency of employees
Reducing the number of delays and absences
Companies become more friendly and understanding and may attract more candidates
More space in the office
The possibility of settling private issues by employees
Increased sense of responsibility

However, we should also mention the negative aspects that you need to be aware of before introducing this modern work organization.
From the employee’s perspective, it will definitely be a need for continuous self-discipline, as well as the lack of a strictly defined distinction between work and home (which often means more than 8 hours of work per day).
Employers should be aware that flexible working hours are associated with less control over employees and possible delays in the work of the team, resulting from the differing work schedules of its members.
Does your company offer flexible working hours? If so – please, share your opinion about such solutions with us. We are waiting for your comments below.

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