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Monika Piasecka
Monika has over 6 years’ experience in handling various recruitment projects mainly within SSC/BPO scope. For most of her recruitment career she has been working in the Scandinavian working environment and according to Nordic values.
Find out more about NordHR’s growth

We are proud to announce that our company made an important step forward and we have just opened a branch in Kraków.

We recognize the business potential in the south of Poland therefore we have decided to actively operate in this region as well. The intensive development of the industry in Kraków in recent years is evidenced by the number of IT / SSC / BPO centers being opened, of which over 190 are already operating in the city.

As NordHR team we are ready to support your recruitment department especially in IT and various middle & senior level roles.

Krakow’s strength, among other factors, lies in its large academic potential. Every year about 50 thousand of students finish their studies and start looking for a job, of which over 13 thousand are graduates of technical schools, in comparison, there are only over 7 thousand in Warsaw.

The biggest number of graduates of Kraków’s universities are specialists in finance, linguistics and IT.

In general Poland is still one of the leaders in terms of the number of modern business service centers. We notice constant interest of investors specializing in IT, banking, finance and insurance. Companies are also increasingly willing to open centers focused on more complex processes – e.g. in the area of ​​finance – by entering taxes, analytics or budgeting, which at the same time affects the profile of sought candidates.

Companies are constantly competing for employees with a specialized education and language, not only with English, but currently very often with German.

IT sector is also rapidly developing and there are every year huge demands for specialists in: IT development, IT Engineering, Team management and other areas. This requirement for finding professionals can be seen not only in the recruitment department of big corporations but also in start-ups and small local companies, all of them depend extremely on the technology.

To answer the business demand for hiring professionals our company’s aim is not only to be recognizable in Kraków, but also to grow further.

We already have experience in cooperation with the international Clients and we appreciate and value these partnerships.

Our mission is excellence and continuous development of both our services and ourselves, there are always areas where we can improve, we strive to transform visions into actions.

We grow in strength, we employ new people matching the company’s culture, we also focus on diversity, as we believe that diverse teams are more creative.

That is why we strongly believe that our team can meet your expectations and help in recruitment challenges!

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